high and low table, Italy

Designer Myriam Kühne-Rauner

Being born together, twins share a union which makes them similar and unique at the same time. The TWINS tables combine the coherence of their forms with tones that are both dominant and soft at the same time, which creates a perfect balance without having to take anything away from the character each one has. The exceptional thing about the TWINS table above all derives from the fact that there is the possibility of exchanging its table-tops, in order to optimize its use, based on the space one would like to fill.

Measurements: High table, Height 75cm ; Top A : Width 104 cm; Depth 86 cm
Low table, Height 45.5 cm ; Top B: Width 84.5 cm ; Depth 75.5 cm
Materials: galvanized steel with gold vibrato effect, brass elements, glossy lacquered mdf as well as a bicolor satin finish

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