modular shelf, Italy

Designer Myriam Kühne-Rauner

MIMI is characterized by the diversity of its structure, thanks to which it is possible to assemble it in four different ways. The principal element is the octagonal form which also in antiquity has been a symbol of transformation. With its particular Design  MIMI  can adapt  to very different environments,
from a showroom to a living room. Paying particular attention to the form and the details, MIMI has been made using polished brass finishes as well as satin – finish lacquered mdf in a gray sand tone, which accentuates its elegance and refinement.

Measurements: maximum Height 141 cm, maximum Width 180 cm, Depth 30 cm
Materials: satin-finish lacquered Mdf and polished brass finishes

EUR 18.300,00 (VAT incl.) INFO

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