bench++, Italy

Designer Myriam Kühne-Rauner

The concept was to create a union of various pieces of furniture in a harmonic way. MAPPAMONDO combines the function of a bench, containers for quick storage, of which one is removable and a standing lamp which is also a coat hanger.
In order to garanty best functionality MAPPAMONDO was created with Led lighting with battery. A great advantage, in that it can be placed anywhere without having to be near a light socket. Inspired by the globes continents the motif ( globe in italian means mappamondo) was interpreted on the drawers and also on the upper part of the lamp.

Measurements: maximum Height 166 cm (standing lamp); Height bench 48 cm; Width 154 cm ; Depth 32 cm
Materials: Brushed Brass, Metal lacquered, glossy lacquered Mdf, battery charged Led lamp

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